📯 International mail exchange

The reporting system is used to control the flows of international mail. Postal services in different countries exchange special dispatches with each other. These dispatches are used to keep a record of international parcels sent and received. Postal accounting provides the possibility of mutual payments between postal services of different countries.

The processing of the dispatches before the start of the project was performed in a mixed method. Some records were kept in Excel spreadsheets and some were on papers. This process significantly slowed down the processing of dispatches and made it difficult to settle accounts between national Posts. These difficulties had a significant impact on the delivery speed of international shipments.

In order to build a convenient accounting system, it became necessary to fully immerse the team in the process. The design team conducted a series of in-depth interviews with international exchange operators at major hubs in different cities and with treasury employees. The team of analysts, together with the BigData department, did a comprehensive study of the structure of international mail flows. A comprehensive approach with a focus on user experience has allowed us to reimplement the accounting system for international exchanges. NDA